Enrollment open for Move More! Move Often!

The following is a guest post from the Office of Wellbeing:

Move More! Move Often! is a six-week program (Feb. 17 – March 29) engaging and encouraging individuals to increase their daily physical activity. Using activity trackers, participants monitor daily steps or active minutes. Throughout the six-week challenge, participants can access performance incentives, receive supplemental resources and materials, and join the campus community for opportunities to get more active.

This program caters to all activity levels and all activity types! The six-week program begins with a baseline week (Feb. 17 – Feb. 23) to assess current activity levels. It will continue for the next five weeks (Feb. 24 – March 29) with a goal of increasing activity toward the Centers for Disease Control’s recommended average of 10,000 steps per day or 150 active minutes per week or maintaining those levels if you already meet them. There will be weekly mini-challenges, newsletters with helpful tips, and opportunities on campus to be active to keep participants engaged and encouraged. Performance will be tracked throughout the program using the MoveSpring dashboard, to which participants will link their activity trackers. Assistance is available to those who don’t already have a tracker that syncs with MoveSpring.

At the end of the six weeks, prizes will be awarded to those who increase their individual daily average steps or  weekly average active minutes by 50, 75 or 100 percent, as well as those who were already meeting those recommendations and maintained them.

To help you find opportunities to get active, daily walking groups will be available and weekly fitness classes in Reynolds Gym will be open to Move More! Move Often! participants!

Registration is available online here.