Message from Penny Rue, José Villalba and John Currie

On Sunday, we were made aware of an alleged incident involving student-athletes at a theme park in Anaheim, CA. Wake Forest University has since communicated with park officials to discern the facts of the situation.

Following a review of the incident that was completed with the cooperation of park officials, we have determined that there are significant discrepancies among individual perspectives of what transpired. The student-athletes have been very cooperative in clarifying their roles in the alleged incident and they expressed genuine concern about how their actions were portrayed. We have concluded that the allegations on social media were not sufficiently supported by the available information. 

As leaders of Campus Life, Diversity and Inclusion, and Athletics, we take reports of behavior that violates the expectations we have for all members of our community very seriously. Wake Forest is committed to challenging all students to value diversity, inclusion, and equity, along with fostering the development of creative partnerships that signal real progress in visible and intersectional ways on these topics.


Penny Rue, José Villalba and John Currie

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