Policy on use of space by external groups

The following message is sent on behalf of Executive Vice President Hof Milam to faculty and staff.

Dear Colleagues,

As a member of the local community, Wake Forest often makes its facilities available to the public on a limited basis for special events, conferences, camps and a wide variety of other activities. Because the University’s space is at a premium, careful coordination is required to effectively maintain the University’s primary pursuits of education, research and developing its students while balancing requests from the public to host events at University facilities. To achieve that balance, the University has developed a new campus-wide policy to govern the use of University facilities by external groups.

This new policy will enable Wake Forest to continue welcoming external groups and events to campus while also ensuring the safety and security of our campus constituents and its guests.

Locations and Events Affected by this Policy:

  • All events held at University facilities that are initiated, organized and hosted by External Groups which have no official affiliation with the University. Examples of events hosted by external groups include summer camps, summer conferences, athletic camps, book clubs, faith-based groups, personal events such as birthday parties, and other similar events.
  • Spaces and locations include Reynolda Campus, Wake Downtown, Brookstown, University Corporate Center (excluding rental space), the Charlotte Center and many other locations. Examples of spaces not covered by this policy include Reynolda Village, Reynolda Gardens, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Graylyn International, Conference Center, the President’s Home, Reynolda Business Center, Casa Artom, Flow House and Worrell House.

All requests (both internal and external) to use reservable space must be recorded in DeaconSpace. Regardless of the location of an event, it is the requestor’s responsibility to ensure information is entered correctly into DeaconSpace and that the event adheres to this policy. For example, if Conference Services uses space managed by other departments, it is Conference Services’ responsibility to ensure adherence to this policy.

Each Vice President and/or Dean is responsible to ensure knowledge of and adherence to this policy within their division/school.

The University launched DeaconSpace/EMS as our reservation and event management tool in July 2014. EMS is our system of record for all campus events. In order to monitor external groups’ use of University facilities, it is imperative that all offices enter all events which take place in their spaces in DeaconSpace/EMS and indicate the correct group on the reservation.

The EMS Advisory Team, composed of representatives from all campus units, will work with Space Managers across campus to communicate the policy requirements and to provide additional information as well as training to ensure compliance.