Update on report of apparent gunshots fired on Polo Road early Saturday morning

This announcement was e-mailed to students on the evening of Oct. 26 by Wake Forest Communications and External Relations:

Wake Forest is taking steps to address the report of gunshots heard early Saturday morning on Polo Road near the entrance to campus. The safety of all members of the campus community is the University’s top priority and officials continue to make every effort to maintain a safe campus.

The incident under investigation occurred at approximately 1 a.m. Saturday, October 26, when University Police officers heard what sounded like five gunshots along Polo Road.  An immediate investigation by University and Winston-Salem police found no evidence of anyone or anything struck by a bullet. A shell casing was found along the road, but it is not known if that shell casing is related to this incident.

The officers did not see anyone fire a weapon, but they were close enough to determine the apparent shots likely came from Polo Road, near the campus entrance.  At this point, police have not found any witnesses who saw a weapon fired. Anyone with information that may assist in the investigation is urged to call University Police at 336-758-5591 or the Winston-Salem Police Department at 336-773-7700.

This weekend, University and Winston-Salem police have increased patrol of Polo Road near the University and other areas on- and off-campus. 

Meanwhile, the University recommends that students take advantage of safety-related resources available to them. For instance, students are encouraged to download the LiveSafe app, a free personal mobile application customized for Wake Forest. With LiveSafe, you can use your cell phone as a personal security device that allows direct access to police, 911 emergency services, emergency location sharing, information sharing with quick tips, and a peer-to-peer SafeWalk tool. Details on how to easily download the app and begin using it are available on the University Police Department website.

Also on the University Police Department website are practical tips for looking after your personal safety.  Details are available here.  Among those tips is a recommendation to use the University’s shuttle system.  Shuttle system information is available on the Transportation and Parking Office website.