Thrive Dimension Champions for 2018-19 announced

The Office of Wellbeing, recently, presented its Thrive Dimension Champions Awards to faculty and staff.

Annually, the Office of Wellbeing recognizes award winners who demonstrate their commitment to individual and community wellbeing across the eight dimensions of wellbeing:  emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual.

Recipients and their dimensions for which they were recognized are the following:

Emotional: Jessica Scales, case manager, CARE Team

Environmental: Jim Coffey, director, Landscaping and Residential Services

Financial: Deborah Snyder, administrative coordinator, Teaching and Learning Collaborative

Intellectual: Adrian Greene, associate dean, Undergraduate Admissions

Occupational: Jonathan McElderry, assistant dean and director, Diversity & Inclusion

Physical: Christy Buchanan, professor of psychology

Social: Derri Stormer, major, University Police Department

Spiritual: Gail Bretan, program director for Jewish Life