Bags to be checked at Baccalaureate, hooding and commencement ceremonies

The following announcement was emailed to students, faculty and staff on May 8 by Wake Forest Communications and External Relations:

As part of Wake Forest’s security measures for commencement weekend events, any bags of any kind to be brought into Baccalaureate, hooding and commencement ceremony locations will be checked in advance.

The bag checks are intended to enhance the University’s comprehensive efforts to ensure a safe and secure setting for commencement weekend activities.  The practice of checking bags at such events is being introduced at an increasing number of colleges and universities nationwide.

Wake Forest is encouraging everyone not to bring a bag, if possible, to the Baccalaureate, hooding or commencement services.  Anyone bringing any kind of bag will have their bag checked before entering the venues for those events.

On commencement weekend, the bag checks will begin on Saturday, May 18, at hooding ceremonies in Wait Chapel. Bags will be checked outside Wait Chapel’s entrance.

Bag checks outside Wait Chapel’s entrance will continue on Sunday, May 19, for the 9 a.m. Baccalaureate service and the hooding ceremonies that take place later in the day.

On Monday, May 20, bag checks will be conducted at all entrances to Hearn Plaza.  The checks will begin at 6 a.m.  Commencement is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

Such checks during commencement weekend will assist the University in preventing numerous prohibited items from being brought to the Baccalaureate, hooding and commencement ceremonies.  Prohibited items include tripods, alcohol, pocket knives and other weapons of any kind.  The list also includes signs on sticks, suitcases and pets.

Bag checks will be conducted at LJVM Coliseum if the University were to implement the commencement rain plan and move commencement on Monday to the coliseum.