School of Law’s Pro Bono Project to host a wills clinic

The School of Law’s Pro Bono Project will host a wills clinic March 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the school in Worrell Professional Center.

The clinic will provide free assistance to Wake Forest employees who, largely, meet certain income guidelines.  It is geared, primarily, for employees who have a household income for a married couple of $40,000 or less per year and do not have a special needs child or spouse.  Clinic organizers said having a higher income does not automatically disqualify someone from participation in the clinic.  For those with incomes a little higher than the guidelines, organizers will consider whether they have the documents on hand that are appropriate to assist them.

In addition to wills, the Pro Bono Project will also be offering health care powers of attorney and living wills on site. Those that participate in the Wills project would need to commit to returning for a signing ceremony on a Saturday in the first couple of weeks of April. All other documents will be drafted and signed in the same day.

Registration for the clinic is available here.

If anyone has any questions they may contact Briana Whalin ( or Sydney Cauthen (, the o-oordinators of the Wills Pro Bono Project.