Faculty Books: January 2019 and earlier

The following is the faculty books report for January 2019. This includes works that were published in January, and works that were published in 2018 but not reported to Z. Smith Reynolds Library until last month.

January 2019

Franco, Dean J. (English). The Border and the Line: Race, Literature, and Los Angeles. Stanford University Press. 2019.

2018 Books

Curley, John J. (Art). Global Art and the Cold War (Global Perspectives Art History series). Laurence King Publishing. 2018.

 Dadlani, Chanchal B. (Art). From Stone to Paper: Architecture as History in the Late Mughal Empire. Yale University Press. 2018.

 Johnston, Lucas F., & Dave Aftandilian. (Religion & Environmental Studies). Grounding Education in Environmental Humanities: Exploring Place-Based Pedagogies in the South. Routledge. 2018.

O’Neill, Morna. (Art). Hugh Lane: The Art Market and the Art Museum, 1893-1915 (Studies in British Art series). Yale University Press. 2018.