Temperature in campus buildings to be lowered to save energy during winter break

The following is a guest post from Facilities and Campus Services:

To: Reynolda Campus Faculty and Staff:

In an effort to conserve energy over the winter holiday period, the Facilities & Campus Services Department will be implementing the annual temperature setback program for our academic and administrative buildings starting the night of Friday, December 21, and ending the morning of Tuesday, January 2.

The setback program will maintain building temperatures at no less than 55 degrees (F) during the holiday period.  Beginning at 2 a.m. on January 2, the heating systems will gradually return the buildings to comfortable conditions. We intend for all buildings to be at 70 degrees (F) by the time employees arrive at work. Facilities technicians will arrive early on that date to ensure building heating systems have reactivated as scheduled. A similar program is being conducted in the unoccupied areas of our residence halls.

This program generates significant cost savings through reduced energy consumption, and over the last nine years has avoided over $360,000 in energy costs.

Staff or faculty who intend to visit or work on campus during the holiday period are advised to wear appropriate clothing and consider bringing a light jacket or sweater to work.

For departments that would like an exemption or have received exemptions in the past, please contact Doug Ecklund at ecklundr@nullwfu.edu and state your exemption needs as soon as possible.

Thank you for supporting this effort to save energy during the holiday period.

Mike Draughn
Director – Maintenance & Utility Services
Facilities & Campus Services