Music composed by Dan Locklair performed at funeral of former President H.W. Bush

Dan Locklair

“The Peace May Be Exchanged,” organ music composed by Dan Locklair, was performed Dec. 5 at the Washington, D.C., funeral for former President H.W. Bush.  Locklair is composer-in-residence and professor of music at Wake Forest.

Performed early in the service, the piece is the fourth movement of “Rubrics (A Liturgical Suite for Organ.”  Previously, the music was played at funerals for former President Ronald Reagan and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. It was also performed on the inaugural weekend of former President Barack Obama’s presidency.

“The Peace May Be Exchanged” is known as one of the most frequently played organ works by an American composer. There are five movements, with each movement title inspired by The Book of Common Prayer.

Locklair’s compositions are performed throughout the United States and the world.

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