Department of Education’s proposed new Title IX regulations

This message was e-mailed to students, faculty and staff on Nov. 16 by Wake Forest Communications and External Relations on behalf of Vice President Penny Rue and Title IX Coordinator Tanya Jachimiak:

With the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff at the forefront, Wake Forest University is carefully reviewing the proposed new Title IX regulations concerning campus sexual harassment and sexual assault released by the Department of Education today.

Wake Forest’s commitment to preventing, responding to and providing a fair process regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault is unwavering, and the proposed regulations present an opportunity for civic engagement. Once the Office of Federal Register officially publishes the proposed regulations, the Department of Education will solicit public input through a 60-day “notice and comment” period.

Wake Forest’s Student Sexual Misconduct Policy and Faculty and Staff Sexual Harassment Policy remain in place at this time.