Classical Languages department assisting with conference locally

Mary Pendergraft, professor and chair of the Department of Classical Languages, and other Wake Forest faculty will be involved in the Oct. 18-20 meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS–SS) in Winston-Salem.

The 98th Anniversary Meeting of CAMWS-SS will be held at the Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center at the invitation of Wake Forest. Pendergraft is working with T. Davina McClain, professor of Classics at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, to organize the event.

At the conference, classicists from colleges and universities across the south (Duke, Emory, Florida State, University of Kentucky, and more) will present on Greek and Latin literature, history and culture and will promote the study of Classics in the states of the organization’s Southern Section. The conference was last held in Winston-Salem in 2004.

An event associated with the conference will be held at Wake Downtown, also.

Additional information is available at the conference’s website.