Hurricane Florence

This message was emailed today from President Hatch.

Dear Wake Forest students, faculty and staff,

Hurricane Florence is presenting many challenges for our state and region this weekend. But as with any challenge, we have an opportunity. As Wake Foresters, it is second nature for us to take good care of each other and lend a hand to those who need it. No matter what this storm may bring, I am confident that we will face it together as a campus community.

While current forecasts are increasingly favorable about the impact of the hurricane on Winston-Salem and our campus, please stay tuned to the alerts coming from our Wake Alert system and the local authorities. We will be making regular updates on the conditions as we have new information or if there are changes in the services that are available. While we expect it to be a smooth weekend, each of us will contribute to the safety of the whole campus by staying alert and acting responsibly.

As a father and a grandfather, I know what it is like to have loved ones far away in times of crisis. I know that many of you will be traveling to assist others this weekend. Some of you are volunteering at the Red Cross evacuation shelter at LJVM Coliseum. While the weather forecasts have become more sophisticated, we still cannot predict what might happen over the next few days, and we do not know the extent of what we may encounter in the region. Should you choose to leave the campus or the Winston-Salem area, please stay aware of the changing conditions around you and employ sound judgment.

Many of us have friends and loved ones close to the coast who will suffer the worst of Hurricane Florence and its aftermath. My thoughts are with you and those for whom you may be concerned.

I want to express deep gratitude on behalf of the entire campus to our University Police, Facilities and Campus Services staff, Campus Life staff and many other campus service providers. Their commitment to keeping those of us on campus safe, fed, healthy and productive over the next few days comes at the expense of their own friends and family. We appreciate their dedication.

With hope for a calm and uneventful weekend, take good care.


Nathan O. Hatch