Comings and goings for April 2018

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in April 2018:


Aleman, Thomas Kevin; Adjunct; WFUSB-Instruction
Beauchamp, William Dennis; Lifeguard; Campus Recreation – Facilities
Blackwell, Sarah Johnson; Development Manager; Reynolda House: Development
Borthwick, John Kristian; Assistant Director; Athletics: Weight Room
Britt, April C; Supplier Administrator; Procurement Services
Brunick, Gregory Paul; Web Developer; WFUSB-Marketing
Clingenpeel, David Edward; Assistant Director; WFUSB-Grad Student Academic Svcs
Crews, Michael T; Service Technician I; Athletics: Facilities Mgmt
Fuentes, Rosita D; Cook III; Graylyn: Food Services
Gardner, Seth; Team Building Supervisor; Graylyn: Ads & Promotions
Gibson, Casey Collins; Game Day Assistant; Athletics: Special Events
Gore, Shirley Searcy; Law Exam Monitor; Law: Registrar’s Office
Griffin, William Christopher; Asst Director, Enrollment Mgmt; WFUSB-Enrollment Management
Holmes, Michelle Mathison; Event & Program Assistant; Reynolda House: Event/Program Mgmt
Jones, Ashley; Accounts Payable Manager; Financial Services
Kirkpatrick, Katherine Leila; Special Events Coordinator; Graylyn: Admin & General
Mermet-Marechal, Florent Hughes; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Messick, Addyson Parker; Lifeguard; Aquatics
Moore, Gregory Nathan; Senior Software Engineer; Advancement: Information Systems
Parrish, Lisa Jones; Law Exam Monitor; Law: Registrar’s Office
Payden-Travers, Mikhaela; Assistant Director; Advancement: College Development
Perkins, Kyle C; Recruiting Assistant; Athletics: Football
Pryor, Grace; Lifeguard; Campus Recreation – Facilities


Collette,Lee Steelman; Campus Recreation
Cox, Andrew David; Reynolda House: Security
Dalton, Christie M.; Advancement: Divinity Sch Develop
Davis, Casey; Advancement: National Major Gifts
Fanning, Mark; Graylyn: Guest Services
Jenkins, Megan Therese; Health & Exercise Science
Johnson, Hannah Elizabeth; Advancement: National Major Gifts
Jones, Jane C.; Advancement:Business Schools Develp
McKoy, Elliott Davis; IS: Administration
O’Brien, Carrie Elizabeth; Int’l Students & Scholars
Ocasio, Julio Hiram; FACS: Custodial Services
Poovey, Cherin C.; Advncmnt: WF Magazine & Alumni Comm
Poovey, Terry Randolph; Admissions: Undergraduate
Saavedra, Yeniz; Graylyn: Rooms
Shelton, Valerie Lynette; FACS: Custodial Services
Stoddard, Sabrina; Parking & Transportation