Test of Wake Alert emergency notification system set Feb. 16

This announcement was emailed to students, faculty and staff on Feb. 12:

Students, faculty and staff will receive test messages starting at 9 a.m. Feb. 16 when Wake Forest conducts a test of the University’s Wake Alert emergency notification system.  The test will not require any action by those who receive the test messages.

The test is being conducted to assure that all aspects of the emergency notification system are operating properly.

The test will consist of the following:

–The outdoor alert system will be activated.  Chimes will be heard.

–A text message will be sent to undergraduate students.  The same message will be sent to graduate/professional students, faculty and staff who have registered to receive emergency messages.  (Information on how to sign up.)

–A message will be placed on the Wake Alert website (wakealert.wfu.edu).  A link to the site will be placed at the top of the University home page (wfu.edu).

–An email will be sent to students, faculty and staff.

–A voice mail message will be sent to faculty and staff.

–A message will be placed on the University’s weather/emergency phone line.

–Social media will be activated, particularly the Wake Alert Twitter account (@WakeAlert).

The test will be conducted by the University Police Department and the University’s Office of Communications and External Relations.

Anyone with questions about the test may email University Emergency Manager August Vernon at vernona@nullwfu.edu.