A message from University Police about solicitors on campus

This message from University Police was emailed to students, faculty and staff on Feb. 1 by Wake Forest Communications and External Relations:

Recently, the University Police Department received calls from students reporting that they had been approached by men and women on campus who attempted to speak with them about religious matters. In some instances, the individuals approaching students mentioned they wanted to speak about “God the Mother,” invited them to Bible study and asked for contact information, including phone numbers.

The University Police Department has investigated the reports and spoken with some of those who have approached students.  Initial investigation results indicate that the strangers appear to be associated with a religious organization.  Members of the organization, which apparently has congregations in a number of states, have appeared on many university and college campuses in the country and attempted to speak with students about religious topics. At Wake Forest, they have attempted to speak with students at many campus locations, inside and outside of buildings.

At this time, the University Police Department has not found that the organization’s members have been involved in any criminal activity on campus.  Police recommend to students and others that they call the University Police Department if they are approached by the organization’s members and have concerns about the individuals’ behavior. Call 336-758-5911 for University Police assistance.  The department also encourages calls from anyone at Wake Forest concerned about other solicitors on campus.

The police department also encourages students, faculty and staff to download and become familiar with the many features of the LiveSafe mobile app: http://police.wfu.edu/safety/live-safe-app/