Comings and goings for December 2017

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in December 2017:


Alexander, Welborn E; Development Officer; Advancement: National Major Gifts
Anders, Courtney Michelle; Server; Graylyn: Food Services
Baer, Stephanie; Hospitality Account Manager; Graylyn: Ads & Promotions
Bradley, Kylie C; Document Delivery Assistant; Library – ZSR
Cantaluppi, Corey David; Administrative Assistant; Department of French Studies
Childress, Jamie P.; Financial Aid Coordinator; Law: Admissions
Haynes, Sonny Sade; Adjunct; Law: Instruction
Owen, Emery Alicen; Law Exam Monitor; Law: Registrar’s Office


Beeler, John L; Graylyn: Sports & Recreation
Coggins, Perry W; Graylyn: Maintenance
Frazier, Leigh Anne; EHS
Gandhi, Raina; WFUSB-Market Readiness & Employment
Gangel, Meghan June; Psychology
Gilliland, Brandon Eric; Financial & Accounting Service
Gung, Donna K.; President’s Office
Haverlock, Gregory J; Campus Recreation
Hodgin, Teresa S.; Graylyn: Food Services
Holleran, Katherine Mercedes; Psychology
Jackson, Aldeen Hiawatha; Parking & Transportation
Kennedy, Brandon Xavier; Graylyn: Rooms
Lawrence, Matthew Spencer; FACS: Custodial Services
Medley, Christopher S.; Legal
Patterson, Notori Dante; Graylyn: Rooms
Shields, Timothy Levern; Parking & Transportation
Shoesmith, Gary L.; WFUSB-Faculty Resource Dept
Steinberg, Benjamin Robert; Biology
Stone, Owen Smith; Advancement: Alumni Services
Wang, Xin  ; Biology