Professor invites submissions for book on gratitude

Mary Dalton

Is there an experience in your life that you would like to share in a book about gratitude?  Now, here’s your chance.

Mary Dalton, professor of communication, is collecting submissions about gratitude to publish in a volume called “Sharing Gratitude: Daily Reflections,” which will be published through Library Partners Press.

On a web site for the book, Dalton explains:

“Over the last few months, while thinking about gratitude and the power of sharing positivity, I started asking people to send their best gratitude stories to me.

The instructions are that the story be an appreciation of something in daily life, a recounting of something they’ve done for someone else or something someone else has done for them, or something they’ve observed.

Of course, I’m also open to other suggestions because gratitude takes many forms. These stories can be about something big or small, known or anonymous, recent or long ago, but they must be 300 – 400 words in length.”

To participate, send a submission by email to

Meanwhile, Dalton has published some initial submissions on the book’s web site and on her Facebook page.

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