Campus energy conservation to be in effect during winter break

This is a guest post from Facilities & Campus Services and the Office of Sustainability:

In an effort to conserve energy over the winter holiday period, Facilities & Campus Services will be reducing temperatures in select academic and administrative buildings from the evening of Friday, Dec. 22, until the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 2.

This holiday temperature setback program significantly reduces energy consumption on campus. Through this program, the University has saved over $300,000 and 2,300 metric tons of carbon emissions over the past eight years.

Staff or faculty who intend to visit or work on campus during the holiday period are advised to dress appropriately for the cooler conditions. For departments that would like an exemption or have received exemptions in the past, please contact Doug Ecklund at

In addition to the temperature setbacks, the campus community can save energy by taking the following steps:

  1. Turn off all lights and shut off all office equipment when you leave for break. This includes computers, monitors, printers, copiers, coffee makers, etc.
  2. Close all office and classroom doors. Make sure all operable windows are closed as well.
  3. Lower and close blinds, if applicable.
  4. Remove all perishables from refrigerators and increase the temperature to the maximum setting possible.