University-wide initiative: Google 2-step verification

This message was sent by Communications and External Relations on Sept. 13 to students, faculty and staff on behalf of Provost Rogan Kersh and Executive Vice President Hof Milam:

Dear Members of the Wake Forest Community,

We are writing to announce a University-wide initiative to better protect Wake Forest University user accounts and reduce the risk for security breaches.

As you know, over the past several years there has been a significant surge in cybercrimes, particularly phishing attacks. Phishing is a tactic used to acquire sensitive information through deceptive emails, texts and other messages. Phishing campaigns aimed at university accounts have increased markedly since 2015 and it is our collective responsibility to protect university accounts and prevent security breaches.

After careful consideration and substantial discussion with campus technology advisory committees, we are requiring all faculty and staff to set-up Google 2-Step Verification for their university accounts by December 4, 2017. Students are required to enroll in Google 2-Step Verification by March 12, 2018. This security measure is simply a “best practice” and brings us in line with many of our peer institutions.

How do I enable Google 2-Step Verification?

Google 2-Step Verification is a two-step authentication service that provides a second layer of protection to increase security of passwords and password-protected data, network application data, intellectual property, and user accounts of faculty, staff, and students.

Please visit for instructions and frequently asked questions. For assistance, stop by or contact the Information Systems Service Desk at 336-758-4357 (HELP) or for assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation in taking this proactive step to increase our digital security and for your continued awareness and diligence in responding to cybersecurity threats.


Hof Milam and Rogan Kersh