Eclipse not expected to affect University operations Aug. 21

As news outlets are reporting seemingly daily, the sun and moon and earth will line up on Aug. 21 for a total solar eclipse that will be intensely viewed, studied and celebrated from coast to coast.  Festivals built around the historic event are planned with names ranging from Eclipse Fest to SolFest throughout the United States.

At Wake Forest, the eclipse is not expected to have an impact on University operations.  No “fests” are scheduled on campus, either.  No special academic activities are planned related to the eclipse, it appears at this point.

The eclipse takes place before the start of the 2017-18 academic year for much of the University.  Move-in and orientation for first-year undergraduates will begin Aug. 23.  The academic year for most students will begin Aug. 28.

For more information about the upcoming eclipse, visit NASA’s Eclipse2017 website.

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