New Home for Wake Forest University Press

This is a guest post from Wake Forest University Press:

When Wake Forest University Press got started in 1975, our Founder Dillon Johnston ran the press out of his office in the English Department. As operations grew, we moved into Carswell Hall, and then later into the old bomb shelter in the basement of Tribble Hall. A bomb shelter seemed particularly appropriate for a poetry press, and we were happy there for more than 15 years. However, with 40 years’ worth of publishing Irish poetry, we were quickly running out of space, and the university administration proposed a move into a wonderful house just off campus. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our new home and the continued support of Wake Forest.

Our new location includes enough space for all our staff, interns, warehousing needs, and small events. (And we have windows!) Our address has changed, but our mission remains: to be the premier publisher of Irish poetry in North America. Be sure to update our contact information in your address book, and stop in to say hello if you’re in the area.

Wake Forest University Press
2518 Reynolda Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Phone: (336) 758-5448
New fax: (336) 842-3853