Fire alarm systems resume normal operation, police complete move

The University’s fire alarm systems resumed normal operation March 7 as the University Police Department completed moving its communications center into Alumni Hall, where the University Police Department moved its business offices earlier this year.  The communications center, which receives emergency and other calls, was moved from Davis Residence Hall this week.

It is no longer necessary for anyone to call University Police if they hear a fire alarm activated in a University building.  Fire alarm systems in all buildings are operating normally again, meaning that an alarm activation now will automatically alert University Police and the Winston-Salem Fire Department. During the communications center move, there had been a temporary disruption in the automatic alerts of police and firefighters.

The University Police Department’s business offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The communications center can be accessed 24/7.  The entrance to the University Police Department is located along the side of the building facing Carroll Weathers Drive.  At the entrance is a special phone in a yellow box for calling University Police at any time.

If anyone has questions regarding the communications center, they may contact Wake Forest Emergency Manager August Vernon at 336-758-3377