Campus Climate Team announces new measures strengthening campus community

On behalf of the Campus Climate Implementation Team, this message was emailed to students, faculty and staff on Oct. 13:

Dear Wake Forest Community,

It is with great enthusiasm that the Campus Climate Implementation Team reports several community improvements.  Commissioned by Provost Rogan Kersh in the fall of 2015, the team is responsible for coordinating action items that resulted from the advocacy of student leaders and a series of campus dialogues to foster a more inclusive campus environment.

The team’s efforts, in partnership with campus departments across the university, have produced some promising outcomes including:

  • Scholarships from the Wake Will campaign totaling more than $55 million that will help reduce indebtedness of students receiving financial aid and support LGBTQ students;
  • Enhanced intercultural education offerings, including a faculty summer institute and first-year experience with sessions focused on diversity and inclusion, and a pilot first-year course with a major component on how to live in community;
  • Expanded and renovated spaces for students, including lounges and our Intercultural, Women’s, and LGBTQ Centers;
  • Innovative and ongoing training on unconscious bias and diversity for law enforcement on campus;
  • A comprehensive assessment plan is being developed to ensure accountability for advancing diversity and inclusion across the university

These are only a few of the changes that have happened as a result of the engagement and collective efforts of leaders in our community.  Members of the community are invited to ask questions and learn more over a meal with team members at one of the community meetings sponsored by the Campus Climate Implementation team. Registration is available under the Events tab at, in addition to a full list of campus improvements on the site.

Thank you for your support and commitment.

In partnership,

Dr. Barbee Oakes, Chief Diversity Officer
Dr. Lynn Sutton, Vice Provost

Co-Chairs of Campus Climate Implementation Team