Wellbeing Office celebrates Dimensions by the Month and more

This is a guest post from the University’s Office of Wellbeing:

The month of September kicks off another series of Dimensions by the Month!  Throughout the academic year, the Office of Wellbeing will partner with campus and community groups to provide skills-focused workshops and engaging programs to create a wellbeing experience. Through Thrive, Wake Forest’s comprehensive approach to wellbeing, these workshops and community programs will engage students, faculty, and staff in a holistic definition of what it means to be well, as well as bring people together from across the Wake Forest community. The themes of each month are:

September “Social” Wellbeing

October “Emotional” Wellbeing

November “Intellectual” Wellbeing

December “Occupational” Wellbeing

January “Physical” Wellbeing

February “Spiritual” Wellbeing

March “Environmental” Wellbeing

April “Financial” Wellbeing

Look out for these events coming up this Fall!

Arrive and Thrive 

September 22 from 4-6 pm on the Lower Quad

“Arrive and Thrive” will feature dozens of fun and thought-provoking activities designed to inform and inspire the campus community about how to lead healthier, more balanced lives! Open to all Students, Faculty, and Staff! Check out the video from last year!

Words With Friends: Learning to Communicate Across Difference (Student Workshop)

September 28 from 6-7 pm in Benson 410

Come out to our Words with Friends workshop about finding your own communication style, as well as learning to interact with others in order to build a stronger community. This event will be partnered with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. This event will be focused on developing communication styles specifically for students. Registration form for students is provided in the link “Words with Friends” above! 

Serenity Toolbox 

October 12 from 12-1 pm in the Autumn Room

Learn how to promote your own emotional wellbeing through intentional placement of objects that give purpose to ordinary spaces. This class provides a basic understanding of how you can use natural elements; techniques of Feng shui and soundscapes to create your own personal island of peace. Facilitated by LaShonda Hairston of Life Forces of Introspective Healing. Click on the link “Serenity Toolbox” above to register. 

Emotional Intelligence Workshop 

November 16 from 5-6 pm in Benson 409

Studies have shown that emotional intelligence has a much greater impact on personal success than a person’s IQ. During this workshop, learn more about your Emotional Intelligence, the ability to be aware of one’s emotions to facilitate effective thinking, action and relationships. You will explore the capacities that define an emotionally intelligent leader and learn how to apply emotional information to guide your thinking and behaviors. Facilitated by Melanie Bullock, Associate Director for Leadership & Engagement. Click on the link “Emotional Intelligence Workshop” above to register. 

Hope to see you all there!