MTV series on controversial cases to feature Wake Forest faculty

A new MTV television series, “Unlocking the Truth,” is expected to feature Wake Forest faculty in an examination of a criminal case that has involved the School of Law’s Innocence and Justice Clinic.

Interviews for the new documentary series were filmed, in part, at Wake Forest for an episode focused on Kalvin Michael Smith, a man from Winston-Salem convicted in the assault of Jill Marker at a Winston-Salem retail business.  Smith is incarcerated at a North Carolina prison.

The series premieres at 11 p.m. Aug. 17.  The case associated with Smith is introduced in the first episode, but is examined closely in the second episode.

Some of the filming occurred at the offices of the Innocence and Justice Clinic at the School of Law in Worrell Professional Center.  The center is directed by Mark Rabil, who is among those interviewed for the series.

More information is available on the School of Law website.