Major construction to begin on the south side patio around Reynolda Hall

This message is from Sam Binkley, Senior Project Manager, Facilities & Campus Services:

The patio on the South Side of Reynolda Hall directly beside the entrance doors to the Pit cafeteria will be under hardscape renovations for the remainder of the summer until mid-August.

Demolition of the existing concrete patio will begin as early as Monday, June 13.

Portions of the stairs from Manchester Plaza, stairs from the upper terrace and portions of the patio will be temporarily closed at times.  Access will remain to the Pit with safe passage through the construction area.  There will be initial periods of demolition noise, followed by installation of the renovated patio sub-base materials, including stone and new concrete.  The renovated patio will feature new pavement including brick pavers, granite banding, bluestone and new ramp configurations to the entry doors to the Pit.

We apologize for any inconvenience in navigating around the construction areas.