Heavy construction in Reynolda Hall is underway this week

This message is from Sam Binkley, Senior Project Manager with Facilities & Campus Services:

The second floor main corridor of Reynolda Hall is under abatement this week. Abatement work includes corridor ceilings, vinyl asbestos tile and duct insulation; lighting will be disconnected in the corridor; air conditioning will be shut down as the air handler and ductwork are removed; smoke detectors will be disconnected during the abatement. The main bathrooms off the entry corridor will also be closed.

Signage is posted to restrict entry into the abatement and construction areas.

There will be times of noise disruption, and workers will be moving in and out of the building to dispose of waste.

After abatement work is completed by June 13, the area will be closed off for construction until the end of July impacting the legal office suites 202 and 231, the Heritage Room, the Magnolia Room, the Little Mag room, the Autumn Room and the main corridor.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact Sam Binkley at 336-758-4899