Renovation at football practice area prompts landscaping changes

During December and in early 2016, bushes and trees adjacent to the football practice fields will be removed as part of an extensive renovation of that portion of the campus.  Work in that area includes renovation of football practice fields and construction of the Sports Performance Center.

Some bushes and trees have been removed, already.  As the project progresses in 2016, the current landscaping that runs the full length of the fields will be removed.  The removal includes, in part, sasanqua camellias, burning bushes and “Nellie Stevens” hollies.

During renovation of the fields and work on related projects in 2016, a five-foot-wide sidewalk will be built along the east side of Wingate Road (next to the fields).  A landscaped area will be installed between the sidewalk and a new eight-foot-tall ornamental metal fence.

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