Update regarding Wake Forest students in France

This message was e-mailed today to students, faculty and staff by Communications and External Relations:

Wake Forest officials continue monitoring the situation in Paris this weekend following terrorist attacks Friday, but at this point officials have not heard of any student who has been harmed or is in danger.

University officials learned by Friday night that all Wake Forest students studying in France were safe.  They have also heard from students who had traveled to Paris for the weekend from elsewhere in France and Europe.  All were safe.

Wake Forest students studying in Wake Forest and affiliated programs throughout Europe have been checking in with University officials in various ways, informing them that they are safe.  The University will continue actively seeking to hear from every student who is in Europe.

In addition, there is no indication of any Wake Forest faculty or staff member who has been harmed or is in danger, either, in France.

Friday’s attacks prompted the University on Friday to initiate its protocol for meeting the needs of students who are in a foreign country when such an incident occurs. The safety of all Wake Forest students in the Paris area and elsewhere in Europe is of utmost concern to the University.

Wake Forest will continue to identify and offer support to those on the Reynolda Campus who have been most affected by this tragedy.

At Wake Forest’s Reynolda Campus, the University Counseling Center and the Chaplain’s Office are available to students there who need to speak with someone.  The Counseling Center may be reached at 758-5273.   The Chaplain’s Office may be reached at 758-5210.  For faculty and staff, there is also the Employee Assistance Program at 716-5493.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations