Police training exercise set for Poteat Residence Hall July 17

Starting in the morning on July 17, the University Police Department and the Winston-Salem Police Department will conduct a joint training session in the Hearn Plaza area on responding to an “active shooter” report on campus.

Uniformed, armed police officers will participate in the training exercise that will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in and around Poteat Residence Hall. The officers will be inside the building for most of the exercise, but they will be outside at times.

The training will not interfere with normal campus activities on Hearn Plaza or elsewhere.

The exercise is intended to prepare police officers for how to respond most effectively to a situation in which an armed person has been firing a weapon on campus. While officers will be armed, no weapons will be fired at any time.

Anyone with questions in advance of the exercise may call August Vernon at 758-3377. During the exercise, calls may be made to the University Police Department at 758-5591.

A similar training exercise is scheduled to take place at Taylor Residence Hall on July 24.

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