‘Vision 2020’ — ideas for technology and the future of learning

In August 2013, the Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC) commissioned a Vision 2020 task force to investigate the use of emerging technologies in support of teaching, learning, scholarly and creative work at Wake Forest University. The task force, comprised of faculty, staff, administrators and students, developed a report to be shared with the campus community suggesting ideas for how to use technology effectively and responsibly in carrying out the University’s mission over the next five years.

In May 2014, the task force presented a draft report to ITEC, which was shared with the campus community in October 2014 to solicit feedback. Two campus-wide open forums were held in the fall and a number of groups provided written feedback.

“The Vision 2020 report is a valuable resource for considering the supportive role of technology in the academic life of the University. With observations from experts in the field and thoughtful ideas and perspectives from across our community, we can begin to imagine together what the future of technology might look like at Wake Forest,” says Provost Rogan Kersh.

The revised “Vision 2020: Charting a Course for Academic Computing at Wake Forest (PDF)” report, available online, looks into the near-term future of educational technology and presents opportunities for faculty, staff and students to enhance the teaching, learning, scholarly and creative work at Wake Forest.