January 2015 goings

See a list of employees leaving the University in January 2015.

Alonzo, Miguel Angel; Graylyn: Conference Services
Ashley, Charles Lee; Facilities & Campus Services
Binkley, Carolyn M.; IS: Telecommunications
Boger, John Michael Howard; Computer Science
Buckley, Charlene Ann; Office of Dean of Students
Buckley, James R.; University Student Union
Campbell, Joshua Isiah; Facilities & Campus Services
Coggins, Perry W; Facilities & Campus Services
Currin, Mitchell Cameron; University Advancement: Gifts/Records
Edwards, Alexa Dewyer; Education
Herbert, Thomas Pollard; Verger
James, Zachary Ryan; Facilities & Campus Services
Jenkins, Linda; Facilities & Campus Services
Johnson, Hansford Sayalah; School of Business
Lane, Sara Jean; School of Business
McMinn, Gaylon R.; Facilities & Campus Services
Mobley, Kathryn E.; WFDD
Morgan, Kelly; Health & Exercise Science
Morrison, Emily Wright; Reynolda House Museum of American Art
Norman, Sharon; Facilities & Campus Services
Oquendo, Sebastian; Facilities & Campus Services
Parker, Seth Richard; University Advancement: Gifts/Records
Quinn, Caitlin Bess; School of Business
Radford, Jenna Lynn; Dean of Wake Forest College
Radford, Ryan James; College: Academic Support
Sanders, Archie Beasley; Facilities & Campus Services
Sheff, Jasmine Te’nise; Facilities & Campus Services
Snyder, Cory; FACS: Custodial Services
Southern, Joy; Graylyn: Rooms
Spars, Gretchen Marie McCabe; Bioethics
Speas, Gregory Allen; FACS: Custodial Services
Williams, Tierra Charmane; Teaching and Learning Center