Naming rights to Kevin Cox’s famous (and very busy) snow phone

 A message from the Wake Forest Fund

Like Punxsutawney Phil, the Wake Forest world anxiously waits for one man to rise on a snowy winter’s morn, poke his head out from wherever he lives and let us know whether we can sleep in or not. The very phone from which dreams are crushed or snow days granted exists because you chose to give. Since everyone knows his name, it’s about time Kevin Cox and his famous phone knew yours. Any gift made this month to the “Naming Rights for the Rest of Us” to support the Wake Forest Fund enters your name (or department/office name) into a drawing that may land your name on Kevin Cox’s telephone.

How, you ask? It’s easy. Make a donation to any designation of the Wake Forest Fund by Feb. 28 and your name could appear on Kevin’s phone, for a limited time — most likely a matter of minutes. But as everyone knows, internet photos are forever.

Not everyone is ready to make the kind of gift that will grace a building, plaza or even a study cubicle with his or her name for all of eternity. We understand. But we’re not about to let that stand in the way of your right to bask in the glory of a named gift.

As the patron saint of the sometimes overlooked and under appreciated, the Wake Forest Fund has a history of financing the unglamorous details that combine to form a one-of-a-kind experience. And this is your chance to put your name, and your support, alongside a few of these unsung heroes.

We’ll be posting pictures of the selected names next to their items on this site, and e-mailing digital photos to those individuals for lifetime enjoyment.

With seven more items to be named (featured on The Naming Rights for the Rest of Us website), it’s not too late to get in the game. Follow #WFFYouNameIt to join the fun!

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