Arts Council campaign update

A message from President Nathan Hatch to Wake Forest faculty and staff:

All of us at Wake Forest University benefit from being part of Winston-Salem, the “city of arts and innovation.” One major factor behind this area’s vibrancy – and a cause that we hope you’ll join in supporting – is the Arts Council of Winston-Salem.

Wake Forest University officially comes to faculty and staff twice a year for major fundraising campaigns outside of our own development efforts: one is for the United Way, and the other is for the Arts Council. We hope you will take a moment to consider supporting the 2015 Arts Council Campaign by clicking on this link to make your own tax-deductible contribution.

I am pleased that Erica Still, Associate Professor of English, has agreed to join me in leading our campus Arts Council campaign this year. In accepting my request to give leadership to this effort, Erica stated in a particularly compelling way why she supports the arts in our community:

“In a moment when institutions of higher learning are being asked to articulate more clearly their relevance to the public good, Wake Forest University can point to its long-standing commitment to supporting a vibrant arts community that includes but extends beyond its own campus. As we acknowledge what we have to contribute, however, we also remember that universities are not alone in that endeavor. Artists and performers often lead the way in reminding us all of the transformative potential of varied aesthetic responses to life, and the Arts Council provides support for such leaders right here in our own neighborhoods. I’m glad to support this campaign primarily because it reminds me of the many opportunities for entertainment and enrichment through the arts already available in Winston-Salem. We give to this campaign because it gives so much to so many; this partnership represents the reciprocal nature of the best kinds of community engagement. Supporting the Winston-Salem Arts Council as it supports the numerous individuals and organizations that make artistic expression an integral part of everyday life for so many is one concrete way we can continue to expand horizons — our own and our neighbors’ — as we live our values.”

There are two upcoming opportunities to learn more about the Arts Council’s work and the efforts your contributions help to support:

  • Thursday, February 19: “Campus Connections” at 8:45 a.m. in Benson 401
  • Monday, March 23: Provost’s Happy Hour, from 4-5:30 p.m.; location to be announced

Thank you for your consideration and for your support for the arts in Winston-Salem.


Nathan O. Hatch

Erica Still, Dept. of English
Faculty Chair, 2015 Arts Council Campaign