University hires first full-time Title IX coordinator

Tanya Jachimiak has been named Wake Forest’s first full-time Title IX coordinator. Jachimiak, who most recently served as executive associate director and Title IX coordinator for the University of Illinois at Chicago, will assume her duties on Nov. 3.

Her primary responsibilities at Wake Forest will be the coordination and implementation of the University’s Title IX compliance efforts, and helping to strengthen a culture that supports a safe and respectful learning, working and living environment.

Jachimiak holds a BS from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a JD from DePaul University. In her early career, she practiced employment law, including class action litigation, for more than 10 years in the private sector. She then spent six years at her undergraduate alma mater as the Title IX coordinator.

“It’s going to be very important to further efforts to create a culture in which victims feel safe and empowered to come forward regardless of their gender, regardless of their sexual orientation and where bystanders feel empowered to intercede and interrupt when things don’t look quite right,” Jachimiak said.

Two keys to creating this kind of culture involve training and education, she said, because it will be important for everyone on campus to learn more about the stereotypes of what sexual assault and domestic violence look like. “Sexual assault and sexual misconduct does not just happen to women by men. The reality is that it might not look like that.”

Penny Rue, vice president of campus life, said that one of the most challenging issues on college campuses today is sexual misconduct.

“These incidents have the potential to compromise a student’s education,” Rue said. “While we want to be sure that we have the best possible survivor support services and process for handling sexual misconduct reports, it is even more important that our prevention programs be best-in-class.”

Jachimiak will assume the Title IX coordinator’s responsibilities previously handled by Angela Culler, assistant vice president of human relations services.

“University leadership greatly appreciates Angela’s service in this role and she has done a remarkable job. Thanks to her efforts, we believe that our Title IX compliance program needs a full-time coordinator who can devote their sole time and attention to the topic,” said Vice Provost Lynn Sutton. “We are very pleased that Tanya is bringing her extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Title IX compliance to Wake Forest.”