September 2014 comings and goings

See a list of employees joining and leaving the University in September 2014:


Badalamente, Peter Roy; Library Specialist; Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Ballentine, Bria Symone; Housekeeper; Graylyn
Brocato, Nicole Whyms; Wellbeing Assessment Developer; Institutional Research
Charnoff, Neal; Host/Reporter; WFDD Radio
Cole, Michael Sloan; Locksmith; Facilities & Campus Services
Cumbia, Melissa L; Academic Counselor; College: Academic Support
Grachen, Joseph Ramsey; Director, Sports Perf. Women’s; Athletics: Weight Room
Guerra, Vanessa Isabel; Laboratory Research Technician; Biology
Hawkins, John Randal; Accompanist; Theatre: Dance
Hill, Lucinda Pitzer; Asst. Athletic Dir, Finance; Athletics
Hobbs, Matthew; Assistant Coach, Baseball; Athletics
Horita, David A.; Digital Project Manager; Biology
Kugler, Sara Haman; Associate Director,  Anna Proj; Provost Contingency/Initiative
Lawler, Brett Miles; Admissions Recruiter -Seasonal; School of Law
Lee, Christopher Austin; Tutor; Athletics: Student Athletes Svcs
McLaughlin, Tamara P.; Assistant to Provost Emeritus; Provost Emeritus Office
Meyer, Heather Patterson; Staff Counselor/Psychologist; Counseling Center
Perry, Alicia Burdick; Account Manager; Graylyn
Phipps, Ashley Christine Graham; Employer Relations Coordinator; School of Business
Russell, Jessica Christine; Nurse, Night RN; Student Health Services
Saavedra, Yeniz; Housekeeper; Graylyn
Shambley, James Grant; Athletics Asst,ST-Athlete Serv; Athletics: Student Athletes Svcs
Sharpee, Jacqueline  ; Asst Dir, Sports Marketing; Athletics
Taylor, William Zachary; Equipment Manager, Football; Athletics: Equipment Room
Todd, Wesley Evan; Assistant Director, Housing; Residence Life & Housing
Tomlinson, William Allen; UNIX Systems Admin Level II; Information Systems
Tribble, Mary C.; Sr Advisor, Engagement Strateg; Advancement: Alumni Services
Walker, Wende A; Administrative Coordinator; Learning Assistance Center
Warlick, Logan G; Fitness Cntr Asst Coordinator; Campus Recreation
Warmke, Brandon Dean; Character Proj. Postdoc Fellow; Philosophy
Williams, Christopher Hays; Director of Turf Management; Athletics: Facilities Mgmt
Wright, Sharyka Monique; Housekeeper; Graylyn
Yasin, Amber; Server; Graylyn
Young, Curry Lee; Lobby Attendant; Graylyn


Bordogna, Martha Carmen; Law: LL.M. Program
Goodrich, Amy Conrad; Student Insurance Prog Admin Dept
Gore, Katherine Signe; Athletics: Multimedia
Griffin, James Aaron; Athletics: Multimedia
Hanna, Erick; FACS: Custodial Services
Harper, Joshua James; Campus Recreation
Healy, Dennis Patrick; Athletics: Baseball
Jones, Lisa Gitchell; University Trustee’s
Petit, Gary M.; Athletics: Media Relations
Russo, Johnny Mike; University Police
Rutledge, James Ben; University Police
Springs, Ralfal P; FACS: Custodial Services