Parking lot closures for ‘Project Pumpkin’

Project Pumpkin will be held Wednesday, Oct. 29. In order to accommodate buses that will be loading/unloading children from the community, closing of partial parking lots is required. Whenever parking lots are closed for event parking, carpooling is a smart option to consider as it saves gas and time looking for a parking space.

Parking Lot Closures/Restrictions: The inner perimeter (parking spaces closest to the sidewalk) of parking Lot P will be closed. School buses will be loading/unloading in this area. Please use caution.

Faculty/Staff Parking Options: Parking Lot J, located behind Collins and South Residence Halls, is available for faculty, staff and general parking. This lot is the least utilized on campus and should provide parking throughout the day. Parking Lots A, Q and Wake Forest Rd. in front of the Chapel have routine openings on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, please contact Alex Crist at 336-758-2558.