Faculty, staff “Hit the Bricks” for cancer

Rachel Weaver walks at Hit the Bricks in support of Chip Patterson.

Rachel Weaver (’93), associate director of donor experience, “Hits the Bricks” to support Patterson.

Faculty and staff helped the Wake Forest community “Hit the Bricks” by joining students and community partners to complete more than 24,500 laps around Hearn Plaza, and to raise at least $30,000 for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund.

Three teams from Alumni Hall ran in support of Chip Patterson’s fight against glioblastoma. Patterson (’72, MALS ’02) is the vice president of gift planning with University Advancement.

A bake sale is also taking place in Alumni Hall’s lobby today. All proceeds will be donated to the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund.

Overall, 24 faculty and staff teams participated this year. Click to view a photo gallery »

The top five teams in the faculty / staff division were:

Faculty Staff

  1. Chip on Our Shoulders! – 533 Laps
    James Torrible, Zach Newman, Stuart Tucker, Mary Stagmaier, Mitchell Currin, Paul Wingate, Curtis Bloomer, Megan Donovan, Pam Bunten, Logan Healy-Tuke
  2. Crusaders – 459 Laps
    Charlene Buckley, Rob McNamara, Michael Shuman, Julie Haines, Phil May, Taylor Book, Sean Daly, Ryan Scholl, James Buckley, Kevin Cox
  3. Chemistry Dept.: Alkynes of Fun – 329 Laps
    Megan Rudock, Craig Clodfelter, David Wren, Sarah Hymbaugh, Leona Sirkisoon, Lindsey Macnamara, Pamela Lundin, Kathryn Roley, Amanda Jones, Mark Welker
  4. The ZSR – 256 Laps
    Rebecca Petersen, Roz Tedford, Betsy Chapman, Susan Smith, Bill Kane, Joy Gambill, Amanda Foster, Travis Manning, Patrick Ferrell, Chelcie Rowell, Wanda Brown
  5. Pink Freud – 247 Laps
    Brian Calhoun, Amy Grybush, Angelina Castellani, Charmayne Adams, Debbie Newsome, Heidi Robinson, Seth Hayden, Robert Vidrine, Cheyenne Carter, Nate Ivers, Erin Brinkley, Sam Gladding, Kate Ziff, Donna Henderson, Marcia McCall, Tom Quinn

“Hit the Bricks” is part of a series of student-run events and activities to honor the former Chicago Bears running back, Brian Piccolo, who attended Wake Forest in the 1960s. The 1971 film, “Brian’s Song,” was based on the real-life relationship between teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers and the bond established when Piccolo discovers he is dying of cancer at the age of 26.

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