Room scheduling software to launch July 31

A message from Provost Rogan Kersh and Senior Vice President Hof Milam

We are pleased to announce that, after 12 months of herculean labors by a dedicated team from across campus, our ‘EMS’ space-management tool is going live this week. The benefits for space management and space reservation on campus will be considerable.

As we announced last October, Beth Hoagland and John Wise were charged with leading the effort to develop a room-scheduling solution that is user friendly, provides accurate usage data, and generally enhances our university-wide use of this increasingly-precious resource, space on campus.

Configuring, training, and executing the EMS system was a large collaborative project involving 24 key stakeholders from units such as Athletics, Business, Law, Campus Life, Registrar, Facilities, and the College. Over 130 space managers across campus have invested many hours to learn the benefits and features of this new system, thanks especially to classes through the PDC; online tutorials will be available for end user training and system access.

The system will go live tomorrow (July 31). Access is available through InfoCentral on WIN and can be used to request meeting, event, and auditorium space across campus. This system should minimize the need for the cascade of phone calls currently needed to check availability for many spaces on our campus.

We wish to thank the key stakeholders. Without their positive and engaged participation, we would not be able to launch this new software resource:

Mike Ayuso

IS Project Manager for EMS Implementation

Sean Brittain

Facilities & Campus Services

James Buckley

Benson University Center

Alisa Elmore


Max Floyd

Campus Recreation

Karen Frekko

Business School

Rhonda Hirtzel

University Registrar

Beth Hoagland

Provost’s Office; Co-Sponsor for EMS Implementation

Trevor Hughes

Law School

Corey Jenkins


Mary Beth Lock

ZSR Library

Wendy Logan

Campus Life

Sharon Melnik

Conference Services

Amy Mohan

Benson University Center

Mike Monu

IS Project Manager for EMS Implementation

Leigh Myers

Benson University Center

Gale Newport

Benson University Center

Harold Pace

University Registrar

Shemeka Penn

University Registrar

Stephanie Poskin

Facilities & Campus Services

Jenna Radford

College of Arts & Sciences

Randy Rogan

College of Arts & Sciences

Ellie Shannon


John Wise

Hospitality; Co-Sponsor for EMS Implementation

We are excited about the benefits of this system and the collaboration that occurred across campus to launch EMS. Please look for upcoming end user training announcements.