July 2014 faculty milestones

See a list of faculty milestones in July 2014:

One year

Peter Christian Brewer; Lecturer; School of  Business; WFUSB-Instruction
James Michael Butts; Assistant Teaching Professor; English
Tammy H. Cashwell; Visiting Assistant Professor; Counseling
Amy Catanzano; Assistant Professor; English
Francis Xavier Flanagan; Assistant Professor Economics; Economics
Allison Minton Forti; Assistant Teaching Professor; Counseling
Amanda Brie Foster; Librarian, Research & Instruct; Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Amanda Marie Gengler; Assistant Professor; Sociology
Sarah Ann Hogan; Assistant Professor; English
Tiffany Erin Judy; Assistant Professor; Romance Languages
Lisa Anne Klarr; Visiting Instructor; English
Tess Marie Kulstad; Visiting Assistant Professor; Anthropology
Eugene David Mazo; Professor of Practice; School of Law; Law: Instruction
Ali Nedd Sakkal; Assistant Teaching Professor; Education
Katherine Ann Shaner; Assistant Prof New Testment; Divinity School
Veronica Tatiana Sovero; Asst Professor; Economics
John Jonnakoty Sumanth; Assistant Professor, School of Business; WFUSB-Instruction
Laura Elizabeth Veneskey; Assistant Professor; Art
Shannon Prater Warden; Assistant Teaching Professor; Counseling
James Brantley Willis; Professor of Practice, School of Business; WFUSB-Instruction
David Andrew Wren; Assistant Teaching Professor; Chemistry
Mir Yarfitz; Assistant Professor; History

Five years

Emily Anne Austin; Asst Professor; Philosophy
Lisa M. Blee; Assistant Professor; History
Thomas G Canace; Assistant Professor; School of Business; WFUSB-Instruction
Sherriann Lawson Clark; Lecturer, Anthropology; American Ethnic Studies
Linus Neil DeVotta; Assoc Professor, Political Sci; Politics and International Affairs
Sandra Jean Dickson; Professor, Communication; Communication
Claudia Francom; Asst Teaching Prof, Rom Lang; Romance Languages
Jerid C. Francom; Asst Professor, Romance Lang; Romance Languages
Amanda L. Griffith; Asst Professor, Economics; Economics
Susan Elizabeth Harlan; Asst Professor, English; English
Omaar Hena; Assistant Professor, English; English
Lucas Fiegener Johnston; Assistant Professor, Religion; Religion
Eric E. Jones; Asst Prof, Anthropology; Anthropology
Oana Diana Jurchescu; Asst Professor, Physics; Physics
Andrea Seaton Kelton; Assistant Professor; WFUSB-Instruction
Sandeep Mazumder; Asst Professor, Economics; Economics
Jessica Lynn Shade Venegas; Lecturer, Romance Lang; Romance Languages
Robin W. Simon; Professor, Sociology; Sociology
Pieternella Antonia Van Doorn Harder; Professor, Religion; Religion
Jose Luis Venegas Caro; Asst Professor, Romance Lang; Romance Languages
Charles W. Walldorf; Assoc Professor, Political Sci; Politics and International Affairs
Ya Wen Yang; Assistant Professor; WFUSB-Instruction

10 years

Robert Russell Bliss; Professor; WFUSB-Instruction

15 years

Laura Payne Graham; Assoc Professor, Legal Writing; Law: Instruction
Carolyn Jones McCallum; Librarian; Z. Smith Reynolds Library

20 years

Robinson Scott Baker; Assoc Professor; Education
Charles Kevin Bowen; Director of Bands; Music: Band
Rosalind Lee Tedford; Librarian; Z. Smith Reynolds Library

25 years

Luellen Curry; Assoc Professor, Legal Writing; Law: Instruction
Charles R. Kennedy; Associate Professor; WFUSB-Instruction
Robert K. Walsh; Professor, Law; Law: School Adm Expense

30 years

Herbert Miles Foy; Professor, Law; Law: School Adm Expense