March 2014 faculty and staff milestones

See a list of faculty and staff milestones in March 2014:

One year

Warren Elliot Belin; Assistant Coach; Athletics: Football

John Corbet Bowers; Assoc. Dir., IT Infrastructure; IS: Infrastructure

Jason P. Bunthoff; Multimedia Manager; WFUSB-Information Services

Michael Calabretta; Assistant Coach, Women Soccer; Athletics: Soccer – Women

William Gordon Ferguson; Asst. Director News & Comm; Advancement: National Media

Amy C. Fleet; Administrative Coordinator; Athletics: Administration

Kathleen Ingram Garber; Admin Coord, Alumni Services; Advancement: Alumni Services

Mallory Elizabeth Johnston; Assistant Marketing Manager; WFUSB-Marketing

Karleigh Joy King; Admin Asst, Law Development; Advancement: VP Office

Ellen Elisabeth Meachum; Reporting Analyst; Registrar’s Office

Adam L. Rich; Ticket Sales Consultant; Athletics: Group Sales

Derrick A. Scales; Service Technician I; Athletics: Facilities Mgmt

Patrick John Sweeney; Dir of LCB Ethics Initiatives; Center for Character and Leadership

Tanya Zanish-Belcher; Dir Sp Collection/Archivist; Library-ZSR

Five years

Ryan Patrick Martin; Assistant Coach, Soccer-Men; Athletics: Soccer – Men

Patricia S. Tomlinson; Administrative Assistant; Athletics: Student Athletes Svcs

10 years

Kathryn C. Arfmann; Financial System Administrator; Finance Systems

Janice H. Huesman; Asst to Dean of Divinity Sch; Divinity School

Rufus Gray Johnson; Carpenter II; FACS: Construction

Pamela C. Moser; Assoc Dir, Research Compliance; Research & Sponsored Programs

15 years

Andrea Claire Ellis; Director; Human Resources

25 years

Jeffrey L. Marion; Special Coating Technician; FACS: Maintenance Team 1

35 years

Minta Aycock McNally; Asst VP/Dir Parent&Donor Rel; Advancement: Parent Principle Gifts