Classical studies professor talks Vitruvius in Berlin

John OksanishAssistant professor of classical languages John Oksanish traveled to Berlin, Germany, this summer to deliver a paper at an international conference, “Vitruvius in the Round.”

Vitruvius, a Roman architect and engineer during the 1st century BC, is best known for his work “De Architectura(On Architecture). The work is an important source of modern knowledge of Roman building methods.

The Berlin conference showcased a new wave of research into Vitruvius’s work, where classical studies experts considered “De Architectura” not solely as a factual, technical instruction manual, but rather as a work that can be analyzed as literature — offering insight into politics, rhetoric, and oratorical styles of the time.

Oksanish received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in support of his research.

Read more about the conference on the Origins of Architecture blog, “Talking Vitruvius in Berlin.”

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