Locklair’s music to be performed at Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris

Dan LocklairDan Locklair’s “The Peace May Be Exchanged” from Rubrics, A Liturgical Suite for Organ, will be performed by Andre de Jager on Aug. 10 at 8 p.m. as part of his recital at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

Locklair is the composer-in-residence and a professor of music at Wake Forest. Read more about him at www.locklair.com.

Locklair said: “Rubrics (A Liturgical Suite for Organ) was a 1988 commission from the Organ Artists Series of Pittsburgh, Pa., for their 10th anniversary year celebration. The extra-musical impetus and subsequent titles for each movement of Rubrics are found in the instructions (rubrics) to the services for The Book of Common Prayer (September 1979 edition). Rubrics was given its world premiere in Pittsburgh in April 1989 by organist Mary Preston.” (Read more)

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