WFU to offer tax equity benefit for same-sex domestic partners

Beginning July 1, Wake Forest  will offer a tax equality benefit for same-sex domestic partners of Reynolda Campus faculty and staff.

Wake Forest has offered same-sex domestic partner benefits to faculty and staff for more than 13 years; however, due to IRS regulations, individuals taking advantage of these benefits pay more than their heterosexual, married colleagues. With the introduction of this benefit, the University is striving to create parity for all faculty and staff by providing participants who have same-sex domestic partners with compensation to offset the additional amount they pay.

“The addition of the tax-equity benefit is a further demonstration of Wake Forest’s commitment to all members of our campus community,” said President Nathan Hatch. “It seems appropriate that this comes at a time when we have recognized so many examples of diversity and inclusion during our ‘Faces of Courage’ year-long celebration.”

The Wake Forest LGBTQ Center, which opened in August 2011, worked in partnership with Human Resources on this initiative.

“We’re thrilled to see Wake at the forefront, championing LGBTQ equity in higher education with the addition of this benefit,” said LGBTQ Center director Angela Mazaris. “This is a great example of Wake Forest’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in action.”

Wake Forest joins the ranks of prestigious universities such as Princeton, Yale, Syracuse, University of Pennsylvania, Barnard, and Bowdoin College in providing this benefit.

Perry Patterson, recently retired professor of economics and longtime LGBTQ advocate at Wake Forest, applauded the University’s decision, stating: “Many WFU faculty and staff will be most grateful for this policy move. It demonstrates clearly the University’s commitment that Pro Humanitate must fully apply to all members of the community.”