Reid, long-time shuttle driver, dies

The University is saddened to inform faculty and staff that Melvin Reid, familiar to many on campus as a long-time driver for the University’s shuttle bus system, died May 6 while on duty.

Reid suffered a fatal health incident after driving his empty University van to a nearby apartment complex on the morning of May 6. No one had boarded the van at the time he became ill. An ambulance took him to a Winston-Salem hospital. He did not recover.

The University grieves Reid’s loss and extend its condolences to his family and friends, as well as those at Wake Forest — including many co-workers — who had the opportunity to know him.

Reid joined Wake Forest’s staff in 2003. He retired in 2012, but was driving for the University on a part-time basis since retirement.

Wake Forest offers support and counseling services for all students, faculty and staff. The Counseling Center may be reached at 758-5273, the Chaplain’s Office at 758-5210. For faculty and staff, there is also the Employee Assistance Program at 716-5493.

When available, the University will share information on services arranged by his family.