Construction to begin near University Parkway entrance

Next week, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will begin making changes around the University Parkway entrance and exit to help ensure the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Construction in the area is expected to begin June 3 and last approximately three weeks.

Upon project completion, drivers will no longer be able to make left turns from Wake Forest Road onto University Parkway. Motorists who wish to travel north on University Parkway are encouraged to use the Polo Road exit, proceed a short distance on Long Drive and then turn left onto University Parkway.

Other than experiencing temporary lane closures, drivers making right turns onto University Parkway South will not be impacted, nor will those entering campus from either direction on University Parkway.

NCDOT provided this approximate timeline:

  • Monday, June 3 – NCDOT will begin lengthening the queue lane on University Parkway South at Lakewood Drive in anticipation of more cars making U-turns at Lakewood Drive. Traffic signs around the University Parkway exit signaling the upcoming change will also be posted.
  • Monday, June 10 – Left turns from Wake Forest Road onto University Parkway will no longer be permitted. Construction around the exit will begin at this time.
  • Friday, June 21 – NCDOT expects construction to be completed.

The NCDOT and Wake Forest Department of Parking and Transportation appreciate your cooperation and patience as these changes are made to improve the safety of those entering and exiting our campus.

Anyone who has questions may contact Alex Crist, director of parking and transportation, at 758-2558 or