Staff Advisory Council nominations now open

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is soliciting nominations for new members.

To nominate yourself or someone in your division – please visit: SAC Nominations (login required)

The SAC, formed in 2006 by President Hatch, is an advisory body tasked with strengthening communication between the staff and administration at Wake Forest. For more information on the role of the SAC, please visit

  • Candidates — May be nominated by another staff member from their same division, or they may self-nominate.
  • Nominations — Any staff member nominating another employee should inform their nominee of this intent, and determine if that employee is interested in serving on the council.
  • Requirements — for eligibility: full-time employment with one year of service, and in good standing.
  • Openings — Elections are being held for the following SAC divisions:  administration and finance, provost, advancement and student life. For more information on SAC divisions, please visit
  • Deadline for Nominations — 5 p.m. on March 22.

Detailed nomination and election rules are located in the SAC By-Laws:

For questions or if you need assistance, please contact a member of SAC Elections Committee: Travis Manning (, x5478; Angela Hobbs (, x4521; Paul Sheff (, x6071; or Ted Johnson (,  x4374.

Your Voice Is Important! Nominate someone today: (login required)