Expense reimbursements moving to direct deposit

This message provided by the Accounts Payable team: 

Faculty and staff, we are very pleased to provide expense reimbursement payments by direct deposit. All reimbursements will now be deposited directly into your bank account like your paycheck.

You will automatically be enrolled in the direct deposit initiative. This new service provides several benefits to faculty and staff, including receiving a faster and secure payment. Your primary bank account on file with Payroll will be the default bank account used for reimbursement requests processed through Accounts Payable. Reimbursements made through Accounts Payable can only be made to one bank account. To change the default bank account for Accounts Payable, complete a new Wake Forest Direct Deposit Authorization form and submit the form to Payroll.

This will take effect March 25, 2013.

Your payment advice (a description of the payment processed by Accounts Payable) will be delivered to your primary Wake Forest email address. This will give you the option to save your remittance electronically.

If you have any questions, please contact Accounts Payable by email at ap@nullwfu.edu.


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