Provost co-authors new book on American politics

Rogan KershIn a storytelling approach that weaves contemporary examples together with historical context, Provost Rogan Kersh’s new book “By The People: Debating American Government” explores the themes and ideas that drive the great debates in American government and politics.

Kersh co-authored the textbook with James A. Morone, professor of political science at Brown University. Intended for use in introductory political science courses, it was published in December by Oxford University Press.

The authors took the title from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and the most famous line in the speech, “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Each chapter starts with fun facts designed to frame the reality of American politics and government. The goal of the authors is to get students to engage with, think about and debate the merits of U.S. government and politics.

“We’ve been working out the story line for this book throughout our teaching careers,” Kersh said. “We’ve taught everything from very large lectures to small seminars. Like all teachers we’ve learned through trial and error. We’ve worked hard to pack this book with the stories, questions and features that our students have found effective.”

A leading scholar in American political science, Kersh is best known for his work on health reform, obesity politics and interest groups/lobbying. He has published two books, more than 50 academic articles, and has provided commentary on U.S politics for dozens of media outlets including CNN, Newsweek, and The New York Times.

Go to to read the book’s preface and watch video clips of Kersh and his co-author discussing the book.

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